The #FridayFlash Report – Vol 3 Numbers 12 & 13

We put the Report on hold last week so this week we have a double issue chock full of 105 stories. This includes 5 debuts. Please welcome Ray G Paterson, Tanja Gustavsson, Louise Phillips, Emilia Quill, and Harry Tennison to the Friday Flash community. I apologize if my tardiness caused you to miss your natural debut, but I’m sure you will still find the community a warm and welcoming place.

If your story isn’t listed be sure to visit the Collector and add the details. It should then show up in next week’s listing. Remember, the guidelines ask for no explicit erotica or graphic and gratuitous violence. You can post those on your own site but I will not list them in the Collector. We also ask for you not to post them on the Facebook page. I leave it up to each author to make that call, but if I disagree the story may not be listed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Don’t forget to add a picture of your pet, or a pet of someone you know, to the Facebook Pet Gallery. Then tool on over to the Contest Group page and enter your short (250 words or less) tail, err… tale. The full rules can be found here. We’ll vote over the first week of September to determine the winners. Yes, plural: we have prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. But just like the lotto, you can’t win if you don’t play.

The Stories

47 Days by Steve Green @n/a ~ Unspecified ~

A Thinly Veiled Tale by Heather Adeen @heatheradeen ~ Experimental ~

A Tiger’s Tail by Helen A. Howell @Helenscribbles ~ Unspecified ~

A Wedding under the Nebulae by Anke Wehner @Anke ~ Science Fiction ~

About Last Night by Stephen Book @StephenBook ~ Crime ~

Alhena by Emilia Quill @Emilia_Quill ~ Fantasy ~

Amongst the Birds by Anthony Cowin @TonyCowin ~ Literary ~

Apocalypse Jones And The Race Against Time- Prologue by Al Bruno III @albruno3 ~ Adventure ~

Beast by John Pender @johnlpender ~ Horror ~

Between Pride and Love CH. 11 by W.G. Cambron @WG_Cambron ~ Romance ~

Between Pride and Love Chapter 12 by W.G. Cambron @WG_Cambron ~ Suspense ~

Bloggin’ Brimstone SEASON 3 by Jason Coggins @JaseCoggins ~ Horror ~

Blood Rain (Godstorm pt.3) by John Xero @xeroverse ~ Fantasy ~

Broken Washer by Ray G Paterson @oldhack55 ~ Slice of Life ~ Debut

Buying Supplies by Sonia Lal @soniawrite ~ Fantasy ~

Church Bells by Eric J. Krause @ericjkrause ~ Horror ~

Clocks Part 2 by Lara Dunning @LaraDunning ~ Cross Genre ~

Collecting Double Barrel Al by Helen A. Howell @Helenscribbles ~ Crime ~

Crocodile Tears by Icy Sedgwick @icypop ~ Magical Realism ~

Dear Earth by John Wiswell @Wiswell ~ Science Fiction ~

Dear ten-year-old-self by Anna @natzers ~ Slice of Life ~

Diner Death by Lisamarie Lamb @lisamarie20010 ~ Horror ~

Disharmony in Quigsby County by Kwee Lewis @akweelife ~ Slice of Life ~

Dodging Demons by Apple Ardent Scott @OnUrge ~ Horror ~

Drew’s Diet by Richard Bon @LiminalFiction ~ Humor ~

End of Summer by Kari Fay @morganafiolett ~ Magical Realism ~

Endure by Mari Juniper @marirandomities ~ Slice of Life ~

Fault Line by Justin Davies @flyingscribbler ~ Unspecified ~

Flight of the Son’s of God by Aidan Fritz @AidanFritz ~ Science Fiction ~

Getting Fixed by Chuck Allen @chuckallen ~ Humor ~

Ghosts by Z. J. Woods @_zjw ~ Science Fiction ~

Going Somewhere, Someday by Deirdre M. Murphy @wyld_dandelyon ~ Steampunk ~

Guard by Sylvia van Bruggen @sylviavbruggen ~ Unspecified ~

Heny and Penny Jo by Kwe Lewis @akweelife ~ Paranormal ~

How to Become a Warrior by Sonia Lal @soniawrite ~ Fantasy ~

I Kill Slugs by Vincent Eaton @VincentEaton ~ Cross Genre ~

Ilia’s Frozen Fingers by Stephen Hewitt @ThoughtMonkeyZ ~ Magical Realism ~

In Their Company by Michael J. Solender @mjsolender ~ Experimental ~

Killer Weddings (Part II) by Diandra Linnemann @LaCaffeinata ~ Slice of Life ~

LICKING WOUNDS by Absolutely*Kate @AbsolutelyKate ~ Slice of Life ~

Little Red Riding Hoodie by Lisa Vooght @ficflash ~ Humor ~

Living is simple by Anna @natzers ~ Slice of Life ~

Lost And Found by Peter Domican @PeteDomican ~ Paranormal ~

Lovers Picnic by Kate Boardman @coffeewithkate ~ Romance ~

Man Eater by W. J. Howard @by_wjhoward ~ Horror ~

Marco by Anthony Deaver @anthonydeaver ~ Fantasy ~

Melvin Gets Dead by Jason Warden @JasonDWarden ~ Horror ~

Neighbours by Steve Green @n/a ~ Unspecified ~

Not Another Ghost Story by Christopher Munroe @munsimunsi ~ Horror ~

Of Giants and Cows by Angela Perry @angelaperry ~ Fantasy ~

One Lucky Lick by Tanja Gustavsson @tanja_gus ~ Unspecified ~ Debut

Out Of The Frying Pan by Mish @luvlymish ~ Slice of Life ~

Overwriting memories by Estrella Azul @EstrellaAzul ~ Slice of Life ~

Paper Aeroplanes by Adam Byatt @revhappiness ~ Slice of Life ~

Pop Goes The Weasel by Apple Ardent Scott @OnUrge ~ Horror ~

Randy by Thom Gabrukiewicz @tgabrukiewicz ~ Unspecified ~

River Run by Angie C. @techtigger ~ Fantasy ~

Rocket Ships are Exciting by Neil Shurley @thatneilguy ~ Unspecified ~

Role Play by Louise Phillips @120Socks ~ Literary ~ Debut

SALVATION BOX by Peggy McFarland @peggywriter ~ Literary ~

Save the Minnows! by Deanna Schrayer @deannaschrayer ~ Humor ~

Scorned by Danielle La Paglia @Dannigrrl5 ~ Horror ~

Searching by Jen Brubacher @jen_b ~ Mystery ~

Second Jude by FARfetched @FARfetched58 ~ Science Fiction ~

Secrets by Michael J. Solender @mjsolender ~ Magical Realism ~

Sister Mine by Anne Michaud @annecmichaud ~ Unspecified ~

Skippers by Sam Pennington @Samtales ~ Slice of Life ~

Speaking from Darkness by Chuck Allen @chuckallen ~ Unspecified ~

Splotch by Aidan Fritz @AidanFritz ~ Horror ~

Stranger In The Night by Melissa L. Webb @melissalwebb ~ Horror ~

Take No Prisoners by Angie C. @techtigger ~ Fantasy ~

The Dogcatcher by Catherine Russell @ganymeder ~ Humor ~

The Elysian Diamond by Kari Fay @morganafiolett ~ Unspecified ~

The Fortune Cookie by Eric J. Krause @ericjkrause ~ Unspecified ~

The Grove by D. Paul Angel @D_PaulAngel ~ Science Fiction ~

The Hands of the Healer by Emilia Quill @Emilia_Quill ~ Fantasy ~ Debut

The Hunter’s Prey Part 14 by Splintered Lands @SplinteredLands ~ Fantasy ~

The last act of the show by DN @-notwitter ~ Unspecified ~

THE LOCAL HEROES: Apocalypse Jones And The Race Against Time chapter one by Al Bruno III @albruno3 ~ Adventure ~

The March of the Dead by James Tallett @thefourpartland ~ Fantasy ~

The New Recruit by Icy Sedgwick @icypop ~ Paranormal ~

The Oldest Profession by Stephen Book @StephenBook ~ Unspecified ~

The Pool by Melissa L. Webb @melissalwebb ~ Horror ~

The Preacher by Virginia Moffatt @VirginiaMoffatt ~ Unspecified ~

The Prince and Princess of Darkness by Denise Covey @pichetsinparis ~ Paranormal ~

The Professional Crier by Paul D. Dail @PaulDail ~ Horror ~


The Things, Part 8 by John Pender @johnlpender ~ Horror ~

The Wet Towel Strikes Again by Lara Dunning @LaraDunning ~ Unspecified ~

The Woman by Coyote Southbridge @AntiSocBtrfly ~ Science Fiction ~

The World by Coyote Southbridge @AntiSocBtrfly ~ Science Fiction ~

Therapy by T.J. McIntyre @southernweirdo ~ Magical Realism ~

There is no Fight by James Tallett @thefourpartland ~ Unspecified ~

Thievery by Chris Munroe @munsimunsi ~ Fantasy ~

Tiger Eyes by Harry Tennison @Harry_Tennison ~ Unspecified ~ Debut

Unidentifed Fishy Objects by Alison Wells @alisonwells ~ Science Fiction ~

Unrest by Mish @luvlymish ~ Humor ~

Upside/Downside of being single in the age of enlightenment by Karen Schindler @karenfrommentor ~ Humor ~

Wailing Winds (Godstorm pt.2) by John Xero @xeroverse ~ Fantasy ~

Web Dogz by Tim VanSant @TimVanSant ~ Humor ~

Weird dreams by DN @-notwitter ~ Fantasy ~

When Love Walks In by John Pender @johnlpender ~ Romance ~

Wolfenstein the Hamster by Craig Smith @craigwfwmith ~ Experimental ~

Worthett and the Disasterous Dinner by Tim VanSant @TimVanSant ~ Humor ~

Zooming Out by vicky Bigmore @vixenrules ~ Experimental ~

The wrap

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