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What Ever Happened to BOFF 2?

The youngest black hole knownOne of the most frustrating things a writer faces is sending a submission off into a black hole, never getting a response, not knowing what the heck is going on. Unfortunately BOFF 2 has become something of a black hole for all of you who have submitted. It is well overdue and we are sure the frustration level on your part has to be approaching the limit. We apologize for being so unresponsive and will try to set things straight in this post.

We had 82 submissions in all for BOFF 2. Our initial plan was to have 52 stories chosen from the general submissions to represent one story for each week of a year, the reader’s choice story, and then up to three editor’s choice stories as we have three editors. If you do the math that means a total of 56 stories possible, meaning 26 stories will not make it. We thought one round of judging would bring enough clarity to the situation that we would be able to make those 56 selections without too much trouble. However, after the initial round of judging, wherein every story received three votes, we found that there were only a few stories that had clear cut results, meaning about two-thirds were still a muddle our my minds.

We also had to work around the fact that the submission manager we are using decided that the free account could only have five staff members. Since we have three editors that left room for two judges, which slowed things down, as we had to juggle judges in and out to get three votes on each story. As a result things pretty well bogged down into a state of angst and indecision, at least on my part.

Hopefully that is now all behind us. We have decided to take the stories with 3 positive votes forward and then subject the remainder to another round of judging in hopes that will bring further clarity to the situation. As a result BOFF 2 is now making forward progress again. Additional judges have been recruited and they are now working their way through the stories. As before they will have to be juggled in and out, but the judging process should be completed within a month. We hope we can have the whole project wrapped up by the end of the first quarter of 2012 (end of March, early April time frame).

If after reading all this you have decided you’ve had enough of my bungling around and you wish to withdraw your story we certainly understand. You may be able to find a better home for it elsewhere. If you decide you want to stick with the BOFF we sincerely thank you, and hope we can make your wait worthwhile. Please feel free to use the comments below to ask for further clarification, offer moral support, or simply vent.

We here at FFDO wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year, and great success on the publication front. Keep on writing.

Photo from NASA, Credits: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO/D.Patnaude et al, Optical: ESO/VLT, Infrared: NASA/JPL/Caltech

News Flash – Vol.3 #30

Welcome to the very last edition of the NewsFlash in 2011!


Tony Noland’s “Russian Space Probe Explosion Teen Sex Santa Claus Christmas story was published over at Write Anything.

Michael J. Solender’s adolescent memory tale, “The Dare”, has been nominated for the prestigious Pushcart by Blue Print Review.


John Wiswell and Angie Capozello got interviewed on WebFictionWorld (hosted by Anna M. Harte) about writing flash fiction and web serials. You can listen to the interview right here.

Open-air ice skating rink, street fairs, market stalls, school choir and a handbell ringing video for background music – Christmastime in Kolozsvár – my (Estrella Azul’s) very seasonally festive travel article on Milliver’s Travels.


There will be an update from Jon on the BOFF 2, so make sure you come back and look for it this Thursday.

In case I have overlooked some news items this week, please remind me through the usual means (see below)and they will be included in next week’s NewsFlash.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

~ Estrella Azul


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The #FridayFlash Report – Vol 3 Number 30

We had 43 stories this week, a very good showing considering the hectic pace this time of year. Thank you all for participating. Unless I messed up, there were no debuts this week. If I’m wrong, point it out to me and I’ll fix the oversight. If your story is not in this listing please visit the Collector and add the details and we’ll get it in next week’s listing.

Holidays have a way of messing with my head in terms of keeping days of the week straight, so this is coming out on Tuesday morning. I may have thought it was Monday morning, but the rest of the world doesn’t agree. So if you get two posts today, the Report and News Flash, it’s my fault. Have a very wonderful Monday, even if you had it yesterday.
~jon Read more

Family, Friends, and FFDO

I have been pretty quiet around the FridayFlash scene since around October. The last two months of the year get unbelievably hectic for most, and mine are no different. I wanted to make it a point to get in here to insert well wishes from everyone at FFDO, regardless of which holiday(s) you may or may not celebrate. We may not all agree about which holiday, but I am sure we can all get behind the general sentiment of good will and enjoying family, friends, and food where able.

To that end, I wanted to invite everyone to do what we do best, share stories. I want to hear everyone’s fondest holiday moment, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years, Hanukkah, Kwanza, your birthday, or whatever. Just a quick blurb of a tale that warms the heart and gives a glimpse into the world. Try to keep them short, but really, a word limit for something like this would be tedious and drab.

Ordinarily, I would share my own memory, but to be perfectly honest, they are all really rather vague. No one holiday stood out from another, because all were filled with at least some level of love and family. My wife and I have started a tradition of baking cookies as presents for many of the family, mostly because we have more family than we could ever realistically buy presents for. She bakes them, because I am klutz in the kitchen. I have taken to decorating them though, so if I had to select any one memory that warmed my heart it would be the Cookie Massacre.

Online, people can find all sorts of awesome stuff, and in November of 2009, my wife found cookie cutters in the shape of gingerbread men, but with an arm, a leg, or the head “bitten off.” She naturally bought them, and that became the shape of the cookies we made that year. She made some rather nice sugar cookies, but they lacked something essential to make it really memorable. She was just using a white frosting to coat the cookies, and then I had a brilliant idea. Apparently, they make food-safe colored markers, so we ordered those. I then decorated the previously bitten cookies that were otherwise quite innocent and turned them into cookies with X’s for eyes, frowns for mouths, and bloodied red stumps where they had been bitten. The broken bits of cookies even got decorated with red and tossed into the packages that then got shipped from Oklahoma to California.

Overall, quite memorable, but the story does not end there. Most received the cookies, had a little chuckle, then proceeded to devouring the box. That was the idea. But one box went to our Mexican family, and the adults knew they were cookies. Thinking nothing of the container of cookies, they passed the boxes off to the children who happily disappeared into the back room to begin eating. A few minutes later, shrieks and screams from the children drew the adults in to see what was happening. “The cookies are dead,” they cried. “And their parts are here too, ewwww!” The only way it would have gotten better would have been to actually hear the events myself, but I will just have to live with secondhand stories. All of the cookies got eaten, so it could not have been too horrendous.

So now that mine is out there, let us hear some of everyone else’s stories. Or if you already wrote one, say for FridayFlash, feel free to link it here. And as an added bonus, one lucky respondent will get something special by New Years.

Again, best wishes to everyone, and may you enjoy the last of 2011 with those you love and care about. Peace out.

~ E. D. Johnson

News Flash – Vol.3 #29

John Wiswell’s “Wolf Slayer”, dedicated to his late grandmother, is up at Enchanted Conversation this week.

E. A. Irwin’s three stories “Eye of the Beholder”, “The Redhead” and “Ballet du Rouge” appear in the 2012 Daily Frights anthology from Pill Hill Press. Also, her stories “Fog”, “Senseless” and “Undead” appear in their 2012 Daily Flash anthology.

Al Bruno III’s “The Local Heroes: Back Issues and Side Stories” is now out and available (for free) via Smashwords.

Laura Eno announced the Holiday Hop being up and running. Over 60 authors are participating, the prizes are varied and great, the main prize being a Kindle Fire. Go check it out, even just Laura’s prizes are worth signing up!

Adam Byatt has decided to gift all his readers with his Christmas-themed #fridayflash. You can download here A Christmas Story – The Cracker Factory and don’t forget to drop by Adam’s blog and thank him!

Carole Gill’s anthology of five literary horror short stories, “I vampire”, is only $0,99 at Smashwords.

Congrats to all!


You have one more day to submit your creepy Christmas tales! The deadline is 12/20 for The Were-Traveler.

~ Estrella Azul


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News Flash – Vol.3 #28

Adam Byatt has a story, “The Knight’s Defence”, published in eFiction Magazine’s December issue.

Laurita Miller’s six sentence flash, “World Weary”, is featured over at SixSentences.

Justin N. Davies had a flash fiction, “Fast Lane Phonetics”, included in the new Winter 2011 edition of Flashquake .

Linda Simoni-Wastila’s ditty, “Baltimore”, is up in issue 46, Cities of Right Hand Pointing.


Dana Sitar recently published the first volume in a short story series, “This Artists’ Life”, a memoir in short stories. “Volume One: Welcome to the Shit Show” follows the writer through a the discovery of just what it means to be an artist. You can buy here for Kindle version or buy at Smashwords for iPad, Nook, Sony, PC versions and more!

Laura Eno’s space opera/romance “Raven, Book 1 of the Carriena Oracles” has launched last week. This will only be released as an ebook, since it is a novella. You can read an excerpt on Laura’s blog right here and the ebook is now available for purchase from KindleUSKindleUKNook or Smashwords. Laura has been quite busy it seems as her YA Fantasy, “My Enchanted Life”, is also out. You can read an excerpt of this one right here on Laura’s blog, and grab a copy from AmazonUSAmazonUKNookSmashwords or Trade Paperback.

Emma Newman’s novel, “20 years later”, is now available in hardback. Check Emma’s announcement post for more info and details on how to purchase your own copy.

Congratulations to each and every one of you!

~ Estrella Azul


Keep the good news coming! You can send in your news items concerning the Friday Flash community to Estrella at or by contacting her on Facebook or Twitter.


The #FridayFlash Report – Vol 3 Numbers 27 & 28

This is a double listing for both last week and this. There are 85 stories total including 2 debuts. Please welcome Kathy Dittrich and E. A. Irwin to the #FridayFlash community.

I hope everyone had a successful November, particularly those of you who participated in NaNoWriMo, and here’s wishing you all the very best for the upcoming holiday season. Keep the stories coming and thank you again for participating. ~jon Read more

Anna Harte Talks Webfiction World

Here at DotOrg, we try to help promote the efforts of our community participants. We do this weekly in our News Flash column from Estrella Azul, and periodically via interviews or guest posts for more in-depth looks into various projects. Today, we have a guest post from Anna Harte, the host and director of the bi-monthly podcast, Webficiton World. At the halfway point in each episode, Webficiton World does a reading of short fiction (1500 words or less). Writers looking for another outlet for short fiction may just want to read on. If you would like to do a guest post on FFDO drop me and/or E. D. Johnson a line with the particulars. We would be glad to help.


Webficiton World

The internet, for an author, is like a chocolate shop for a small child.

You can serialise your novel. You can write flash fiction, microfiction, twitter fiction. You can publish on Smashwords and Amazon. You can set up your own site or use community sites like Wattpad. There are ezines, audio books, collaborative projects. There are countless writing challenges and marathons.

Like some kind of pervasive bacteria, fiction teems in every nook and cranny of the internet… and once you enter the world of online fiction, it is a slippery slope into addiction.

I come to you today as a self-professed addict.

I serialised my first novel, Above Ground, online. I have dipped my toes into the community sites. I have (irregularly) participated in #FridayFlash, edited Ergofiction magazine, livewritten chapters, joined the 1889 Labs publishing team…

And now this: Webfiction World, a bi-monthly podcast dedicated to e-fiction.

I, in association with the Webcast Beacon, have been running Webfiction World since June. The podcast aims to cover the full extent of the online fiction community – from serialised novels to FridayFlashes, microfiction to writing challenges – for readers and writers alike. On top of guest interviews and discussions, each episode has a 5-8 minute reading slot.

This is where you come in. We need YOUR stories.

We are looking for short stories of any genre to read, record, and air during our shows. Obviously, you will receive credit for the story and a link back to your website.

If you have a FridayFlash you would like featured on our show, please leave a comment here with a direct link, the title, the name you would like credited, and a brief note saying you are happy for us to use your story.

Instant fame for you; story content for us. It is win-win!

If you are curious to find out more about the show, and get a feel for other readings, check out the full show archives. In addition to readings, we are always on the hunt for guests, suggested topics, feedback, thoughts, and chocolates.

Be sure to tune into the Episode 10 of Webfiction World, which will be looking at writing flash fiction… and thank you for visiting my little corner of the chocolate shop.

A.M. Harte is a inconsistent FridayFlasher, a chocolate addict, and an online fiction enthusiast. When not busy procrastinating, blogging, or doing laundry, she is scribbling twisted speculative fiction, such as the zombie love anthology Hungry For You.

News Flash – Vol.3 #27

In the December issue of Hoot, a new print and online literary venture, Linda Simoni-Wastila had her small single-sentence story, “Transplant”, published which you can find right here in the online issue.

P. J. Kaiser officially announced her new gig on her blog last week. She is an editor, an occasional contributor, and gal about town over at Metro Moms Network.

If you are getting a shiny new iPad for Christmas, Tony Noland has just the thing to complete your holiday haul. His anthology, “Blood Picnic and other Stories“, is now in the iTunes Books catalog.


In case you missed the official “Red Book” and “Yin and Yang book” launch on Facebook, you are not late. We have a post here on FFDO with more details and if you purchase your copy direct from Chinese Whisperings, you will not only be giving every cent to small press and the writers they support, but you will also get a paperback/eBook bundle.

Congrats to all!


There will be a double listing of the #fridayflash Report in a few days, so please excuse the tardiness and check back next week.

~ Estrella Azul


Keep the good news coming! You can send in your news items concerning the Friday Flash community to Estrella at or by contacting her on Facebook or Twitter.