The #FridayFlash Report – Vol 3 Number 33

This is my farewell Friday Flash Report, brought to you by technical magic of Tim VanSant. We have been working behind the scenes to get the entire Collector/Report process more user friendly and automated. Actually, Tim has been working behind the scenes,  and the time has come to take the wraps off the new and improved Collector. We think you will like it.

I am also taking this opportunity to bow out of the Report. Tim is going to be taking over this slot. After nearly three years of doing the Report I am ready for a change. I’ll still be involved in FFDO, just not on this page anymore.

Well, enough of that already, what about the stories? We had 39 stories this week with 3 debuts. Please welcome Karla Locke, Jose, and Steven Montano to the Friday Flash Community. And please welcome your new Friday Flash Report Editor, Tim VanSant.

If your story is not in the listing below please visit the new Friday Flash Collector and enter the details. As always, keep on writing. ~jon

The Stories

Wee Sammy by Tom Gillespie ~ @tom_gillespie ~ Slice of Life

The Vagrant (Part 12) by Peter Newman ~ @runpetewrite ~ Science Fiction

The Ulgy Truth by Susan Helene Gottfried ~ @WestofMars ~ Slice of Life

The Townhome by Michael A Tate ~ @Michael_A_Tate ~ Suspense

The Last Rite by Danielle La Paglia ~ @Dannigrrl5 ~ Slice of Life

The Final Test by Emma Newman ~ @emapocalyptic ~ Fantasy

The Dorothy Delusion. Part 7. by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Thriller

The Demon Clowns in FOOD FOR THOUGHT! by Carole Gill ~ @carolelynngill ~ Horror

Renegade Sons and Gatorade Moms by John Wiswell ~ @Wiswell ~ Humor

Prey by ChrisWhiteWrites ~ @chriswhitewrite ~ Slice of Life

Natural Justice, Natural Law by ChrisWhiteWrites ~ @chriswhitewrite ~ Historical

Marigold by Jennifer Dalby ~ @injenuity ~ Literary

Malcolm by Jack Holt ~ @jackkholt ~ Unspecified

Louisana Pryce by Karla Locke ~ @expressmyself ~ Fantasy ~ Debut

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Skate Rinks by Al Bruno IIIl ~ @albruno3 ~ Slice of Life

Ink Stains by Melissa L Webb ~ @melissalwebb ~ Paranormal

In Anticipation of an Unexpected End by Jose ~ @jorence ~ Science Fiction ~ Debut

Honey by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Slice of Life

Freya by Steve Green ~ N/A ~ Unspecified

Feast by Larry “FARfetched” Kollar ~ @FARfetched58 ~ Horror

Fast Slopes by Rachel Carter ~ @rachcarter ~ Slice of Life

Election by Christopher Munroe ~ @munsimunsi ~ Humor

Dreaming Is Living by Paul Servini ~ N/A ~ Slice of Life

Desert Stray by Aaron Conaway ~ @M_Gideon ~ Suspense

Death By Handbells by Hannah Hatch ~ @cookme25 ~ Humor

Dark Rapture by Annie Evett ~ @annieevett ~ Cross Genre

Daniel by Anna ~ @natzers ~ Slice of Life

Custom Toilet by Sonia Lal ~ @soniawrite ~ Unspecified

Color War by Aidan Fritz ~ @AidanFritz ~ Experimental

Camarinas by Gail aldwin ~ @gailaldwin ~ Slice of Life

Blood Money by E. A. Irwin ~ @ea_irwin ~ Crime

BEAUTY by Quinn Smythwood ~ @smythwood ~ Paranormal

Attention by Kari Fay ~ @morganafiolett ~ Unspecified

As the Raven Flies by Harry Tennison ~ @Harry_Tennison ~ Unspecified

All That Glistens Is Not Garbage by Tony Noland ~ @TonyNoland ~ Science Fiction

A Spot of Colour by Anke Wehner ~ @Anke ~ Paranormal

A Game of Chess Pt1 – Two Knights Defense by Angie C. ~ @techtigger ~ Fantasy

A Dark Dance by Steven Montano ~ @Daezarkian ~ Steampunk ~ Debut

A Curly Tale by Helen A. Howell ~ @Helenscribbles ~ Humor

JM Strother (98 Posts)

Founder of the #fridayflash meme and of Friday Flash Dot Org

Jon M. Strother is a writer of fact, fiction, and bad poetry. His passion is fiction, though creative nonfiction and an occasional how-to will creep in now and then. He has written several novels and novellas, so far unpublished, many published flash fiction pieces, and created #fridayflash.

Jon lives in an inner suburb of St. Louis and enjoys cycling, gardening, and wasting far too much time playing Civilization III. Hey, we all have vices. He lives with his two daughters, and a Beagle affectionately known as Psycho-pup. Jon blogs at Mad Utopia.


  1. Tony Noland says:

    Congratulations and many thanks, Jon, for everything you’ve done with FridayFlash. And to Tim, a warm welcome and congratulations to you on your new role!

  2. KjM says:

    Congratulations Tim, and congratulations Jon for creating this community. And the same goes out to all the writers, and readers, who have banded together as this community.

  3. Profile photo of JM Strother
    JM Strother says:

    Thanks guys. It has been a pleasure working with and getting to know you all. I’ll still be around, but Tim will be running the Report starting next week. He has been involved all along behind the scenes and is one of the many people I depend on to keep this ship afloat. I know I am leaving this job in very capable hands.

  4. For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow …..

    Both of you are! Congratulations on your new journeys and thank you for all your hard work!

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