The #FridayFlash Report – Vol 3 Number 36

We had 47 stories in the Collector this week with 1 Debut and 8 serials. Please welcome Amy Lee Burgess to the community. The stories this week fall under 12 different genres; the most common this week are Horror and Slice of Life, with several Fantasy and Paranormal too. What a wonderfully diverse community we have! We will probably never be able to list every possible genre, but do you think there are any important ones we are missing? Do you ever choose Unspecified because the genre you really want isn’t one of our choices? Let me know in the comments or use one of the contact methods in my profile.

Make sure you read Editor E. D. Johnson’s post about The FFDO A-Team. This is your opportunity to write an article each month to be featured right here on the FFDO home page. You can get a little (international) name recognition for yourself, but more importantly you’ll be contributing support to one of the finest writing communities anywhere. Email E. D. at the address in his post. (We don’t want any sad pandas.)

There has been lots of terrific news in our weekly News Flash reports compiled by Estrella Azul. Keep sharing all the great links to publications, book launches, contests, markets for flash fiction, new gigs, etc. with your community. Estrella has contact info at the bottom of each News Flash.

As always, if your story is not in the listing below please go to the Collector and add the details. It will be in next week’s listing. ~Tim

The Stories

Alone in the Woods by Tony Noland ~ @TonyNoland ~ Horror

Bloodaxe by The Four Part Land ~ @thefourpartland ~ Fantasy

Blue Bulb (Part 1) with Interview with Lauren Curtis on Her Oddities Appearance by W.J. Howard ~ @by_wjhoward ~ Horror ~ Serial

Coffee-shop Blues by ChrisWhiteWrites ~ @chriswhitewrite ~ Slice of Life

Dead Horse by Carrie Clevenger ~ @carrieclevenger ~ Historical

End of Story by Carole Gill ~ @carolelynngill ~ Horror

Eyes That Truly See by E. A. Irwin ~ @ea_irwin ~ Slice of Life

Fifth Period Gaming by Bevimus ~ @Bevimus ~ Slice of Life

Fish Live In Trees by Lee-Ann Khoh ~ @leeannkhoh ~ Unspecified

Focus by Aaron Conaway ~ @M_Gideon ~ Slice of Life

Give Me Your Hand by Marc Nash ~ @21stCscribe ~ Literary

Gremlins by Kari Fay ~ @morganafiolett ~ Fantasy

Hit the Trail by Deanna Schrayer ~ @deannaschrayer ~ Experimental

Home style by Leonard White ~ @leonard_white ~ Horror

Immortality by Chris Munroe ~ @munsimunsi ~ Humor

In The Dome by Steve Green ~ Unspecified

Jerry and Gary, Conjoined Twins by Andy Hollandbeck ~ @4ndyman ~ Humor

Kissing the Dawn by Nerine Dorman ~ @nerinedorman ~ Paranormal

Los Lobos by Rob Smales ~ @RobSmales ~ Horror

Love At Twenty by Rachel Carter ~ @rachcarter ~ Romance

Love in the Time of Leprosy … and Telekinesis by T.J. McIntyre ~ @southernweirdo ~ Horror

Mapmaker by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Horror

Meeting over Coffee by Kevlin Henney ~ @KevlinHenney ~ Romance

Morning After Coffee by Lacy Lalonde ~ @lacylalonde ~ Unspecified

Moving On by Sonia Lal ~ @soniawrite ~ Slice of Life

On the Georgia Road #5 by Larry Kollar ~ @FARfetched58 ~ Science Fiction ~ Serial

On The Precipice: In Memory of Federico Garcia Lorca by Luke Wortley ~ @LukeWortley ~ Literary

One Mistake by Richard Bon ~ @liminalfiction ~ Slice of Life

Phantom Pains by Anke Wehner ~ @Anke ~ Paranormal

Primordial by Timothy C. Hobbs ~ @MinorInsanity ~ Horror

Ruination by Nick Bryan ~ @NickMB ~ Slice of Life

Rumplestilkstin by Catherine Russell ~ @ganymeder ~ Fantasy

S.H.A.R.K. Knight by Jack Holt ~ @jackkholt ~ Science Fiction

Shakespeare and a Ziplock Bag by John Wiswell ~ @Wiswell ~ Humor

Shark Knight by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Magical Realism

Shifting Perspective by Amy Lee Burgess ~ @nightcircle ~ Paranormal ~ Serial ~ Debut

Soul Deals by Aidan Fritz ~ @AidanFritz ~ Fantasy

Sunday Moring Walks by Eric J. Krause ~ @ericjkrause ~ Unspecified

The Dorothy Delusion. Part 10 (of 11) by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Thriller ~ Serial

The Nick Of Time (and other abrasions) Route d’abbaye -Track Three- Maxwell’s Silver Hammer by Al Bruno III ~ @albruno3 ~ Paranormal ~ Serial

The Puppet by Icy Sedgwick ~ @icypop ~ Horror

The Unseen by Melissa L. Webb ~ @melissalwebb ~ Horror

The Vagrant (Part 15) by Peter Newman ~ @runpetewrite ~ Science Fiction ~ Serial

The Wardrobe by Helen A.Howell ~ @Helenscribbles ~ Horror

The Wizard’s Prophecy, Chapter 18 by JB Starre ~ @JBStarre ~ Fantasy ~ Serial

Trinity’s Decision by Susan Helene Gottfried ~ @WestofMars ~ Slice of Life ~ Serial

Unlikely Inspiration by Sonya Clark ~ @sonyabclark ~ Unspecified

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