The #FridayFlash Report – Vol 3 Number 38

We had 51 stories in the Collector this week with 3 Debuts. Please welcome Rosalind Smith-Nazilli, Sue Harding, and Marianne Su to the community. The stories this week fall under 12 different genres; the most common this week are Horror, Humor, and Slice of Life. What a wonderfully diverse community we have!

We are working behind the scenes to make the FFDO site bigger, better, and easier to use. Details will be announced RSN.

As always, if your story is not in the listing below please go to the Collector and add the details. It will be in next week’s listing. ~Tim

The Stories

31 Flavors of Love by Leonard White ~ @leonard_white ~ Paranormal

A Pearl for Anel by Nerine Dorman ~ @nerinedorman ~ Fantasy

Attitude is Everything by Luke Wortley ~ @LukeWortley ~ Literary

Brought To You By… by Lisa Vooght ~ @ficflash ~ Humor

Capturing the muse by Shen Hart ~ Fantasy

Carnal Nature by Catherine Russell ~ @ganymeder ~ Unspecified

Cats by Kari Fay ~ @morganafiolett ~ Unspecified

Cheap Chocolate, All You Can Eat by Tony Noland ~ @TonyNoland ~ Humor

Criteria by Rachel Carter ~ @rachcarter ~ Humor

Dim Sum by Bevimus ~ @Bevimus ~ Slice of Life

Dispatched by Rosalind Smith-Nazilli ~ @mrsnazilli ~ Slice of Life ~ Debut

Driving Code by Aidan Fritz ~ @AidanFritz ~ Science Fiction

Fallout: Flight by Jack Holt ~ @jackkholt ~ Unspecified

Geetar by Carrie Clevenger ~ @carrieclevenger ~ Slice of Life

Half A Life Taken by Anke Wehner ~ @Anke ~ Fantasy

How I Like to Read by Katherine Hajer ~ @eyrea ~ Experimental

I feel you, I see you by Enrique Garcia ~ @engarpresence ~ Horror

Ice cream dreams by Alison Wells ~ @alisonwells ~ Slice of Life

Jake and Charlotte by Adam Byatt ~ @revhappiness ~ Romance

Keepsakes by Rob Smales ~ @RobSmales ~ Horror

More than dreams (Part 2) by Steve Green ~ Science Fiction ~ Serial

On Giants’ Shoulders by Sue Harding ~ @Librarymaid ~ Slice of Life ~ Debut

One More Mile by Amy Lee Burgess ~ @nightcircle ~ Horror

Presidents’ Day (And Its True Meaning) by Andy Hollandbeck ~ @4ndyman ~ Humor

Pretend by Fernando H. Stevens ~ @FernandoHSteven ~ Unspecified

Rainbows Appear Even During The Storm by Rebecca L Dobbie ~ @rebeccaldobbie ~ Slice of Life

Sanctuary by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Horror

Secret Admirer by Melissa L. Webb ~ @melissalwebb ~ Horror

Some Call It A Shed by Colin F. Barnes ~ @ColinFBarnes ~ Unspecified ~ Serial ~ Narrated

Some Survivor by Tonya R. Moore ~ @mikodragonfly ~ Horror

Sparkle by Dan Waters ~ Humor

Speckled Grey by James Tallett ~ @thefourpartland ~ Unspecified

Strangely altered by Cindy Vaskova ~ @Raptamei ~ Science Fiction

Summer by Clive Martyn ~ @clivem ~ Romance

Surprise My Dear by Leonard White ~ @leonard_white ~ Horror

Tempest in a Teapot by John Wiswell ~ @Wiswell ~ Humor

The Best Seat in the House by Chris Munroe ~ @munsimunsi ~ Paranormal

The Captive: A Parable by T.J. McIntyre ~ @southernweirdo ~ Unspecified

The Clock Struck by Helen A. Howell ~ @Helenscribbles ~ Horror ~ Narrated

The Funeral by Eric J. Krause ~ @ericjkrause ~ Humor

The Golden Ball Trick by Emma Newman ~ @emapocalyptic ~ Magical Realism ~ Narrated

The Mighty Warrior by Sonya Clark ~ @sonyabclark ~ Fantasy

The Mudlark by Icy Sedgwick ~ @icypop ~ Historical

The Transylvanian Hound by Alexandra Malmberg ~ @quoting_mungo ~ Paranormal

The Vagrant (Part 17) by Peter Newman ~ @runpetewrite ~ Science Fiction ~ Serial

The Wizard’s Prophecy, Chapter 20 by JB Starre ~ @JBStarre ~ Fantasy ~ Serial

To the Aisle by Tim VanSant ~ @TimVanSant ~ Action

Valentine Horror by Su, Marianne ~ @writerlouise ~ Horror ~ Debut

Valentine’s Day by Amanda Scotney ~ @rasplemjelly ~ Slice of Life

While You Were Sleeping by Marc Nash ~ @21stCscribe ~ Literary

Ye Olde Oddity Shoppe by Carole Gill ~ @carolelynngill ~ Horror

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  1. SueH says:

    I’ve been meaning to join in here for some time – this last week was a story not specifically written for #ff – will try better next time! Sorry, I may not get to everyone’s story before the next issue, though!
    Thanks for the welcome, you guys! :-)

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