The #FridayFlash Report – Vol 3 Number 39

We had 58 stories in the Collector this week with 5 Debuts. Please welcome Evangeline Warren, Natalie Wood, Austin Malone, Steve Lakey, and Paul Weimer to the community. The stories this week fall under 11 different genres; the most common this week are Slice of Life, Horror, and Humor. What a wonderfully diverse community we have!

We tried a little upgrade to the Collector this week. FFDO members who are logged in can have their Name and Twitter ID automatically entered into the form. The next phase in improving the Collector is to read the RSS feed from your website and pull the Title and Address of your most recent post (on the assumption that that will be your #FridayFlash). It should work for most of you most of the time, but while we debug the script we’ll be displaying the information above the form rather than entering it into the form. Ultimately, members should find most of the form filled in automatically each week and need only specify the genre and whether they have a narrated or serial piece. Read this page to make sure your profile information is formatted correctly to take advantage of the upgrade. Of course, membership on this site is never required to participate in our weekly #FridayFlash, but we hope you’ll consider joining. And if you’re already a member, we hope you’ll find the upgraded Collector a nice little benefit.

As always, if your story is not in the listing below please go to the Collector and add the details. It will be in next week’s listing. ~Tim

The Stories

Why My Homework Isn’t Done by Melissa L. Webb ~ @melissalwebb ~ Unspecified

Who Stole It? by Kari Fay ~ @morganafiolett ~ Humor

What’s the clue: Stop Now! or Keep on Going! ? A true story by Deanna Schrayer ~ @deannaschrayer ~ Unspecified

War of the classes by Shen Hart ~ Humor

Waiting by Gail Aldwin ~ @gailaldwin ~ Literary

Truth about terror by Cindy Vaskova ~ @Raptamei ~ Horror

Too Late by Rosalind Smith-Nazilli ~ @mrsnazilli ~ Cross Genre

The Wizard’s Prophecy, Chapter 21 by JB Starre ~ @JBStarre ~ Fantasy ~ Serial

The Vagrant (Part 18) by Peter Newman ~ @runpetewrite ~ Science Fiction ~ Serial

The Rise of the Phoenix: Introduction by Evangeline Warren ~ @Alinzar ~ Unspecified ~ Serial ~ Debut

The New Arrival by Paris Franz ~ @Paris_Franz ~ Slice of Life

The Fetish Garden by Marc Nash ~ @21stCscribe ~ Literary

The Curiosity Shop by Lisa McCourt Hollar ~ @jezri1 ~ Paranormal

Sword by Paul Weimer ~ @princejvstin ~ Fantasy ~ Debut

Shock Treatment by Clive Martyn ~ @clivem ~ Slice of Life

She’s A Blooming Pain by Helen A. Howell ~ @Helenscribbles ~ Humor

She Smiles by Lisa Vooght ~ @ficflash ~ Slice of Life

She Is, She Really Is by Katherine Hajer ~ @eyrea ~ Magical Realism

Schrodinger by Rob Smales ~ @RobSmales ~ Unspecified

Ringtone, ringtone by Tony Noland ~ @TonyNoland ~ Thriller

Rightful Inheritance by Annie Evett ~ @AnnieEvett ~ Unspecified

Power Play by Amy Lee Burgess ~ @nightcircle ~ Slice of Life

Paying the Price by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Cross Genre

Our Generation by Chris Morton ~ @chrris9 ~ Slice of Life

One Night Glove Affair by Steve Lakey ~ @shyrewode ~ Humor ~ Debut

On the Deathbed of Carl Rudolph by John Wiswell ~ @Wiswell ~ Humor

Old Wolves by Joyce Chng ~ @jolantru ~ Paranormal

Never Broken by Danielle La Paglia ~ @Dannigrrl5 ~ Slice of Life

More than dreams (Part 3) by Steve Green ~ Unspecified ~ Serial

Monsters by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Horror

Monster Mash by Carole Gill ~ @carolelynngill ~ Horror

Memory Lane by Nerine Dorman ~ @nerinedorman ~ Slice of Life

Memory by J. Dane Tyler ~ @darcknyt ~ Slice of Life

Magic Hack by Sonya Clark ~ @sonyabclark ~ Cross Genre

Kneel by Icy Sedgwick ~ @icypop ~ Horror

Karma by Carrie Clevenger ~ @carrieclevenger ~ Thriller

Joey by Jack Holt ~ @jackkholt ~ Science Fiction

J.P. Worthett, Consulting Detective by Tim VanSant ~ @TimVanSant ~ Cross Genre

It’s The Not Knowing by Lisamarie Lamb ~ @lisamarie20010 ~ Horror

Hunted by Rebecca L Dobbie ~ @rebeccaldobbie ~ Thriller ~ Serial

How Squishel Averted the Abroccolypse by Austin Malone ~ Science Fiction ~ Debut

Hero’s Haven by Luke Wortley ~ @LukeWortley ~ Horror

Cravings by Anke Wehner ~ @Anke ~ Magical Realism

Coming of Age by Emma Newman ~ @emapocalyptic ~ Magical Realism ~ Narrated

Changing by Dan Waters ~ Horror

Cancel My Labor by Susan Helene Gottfried ~ @WestofMars ~ Slice of Life ~ Serial

Caged Bird by Leonard White ~ @leonard_white ~ Horror

Breaking Up by Aidan Fritz ~ @AidanFritz ~ Science Fiction

Blackouts by Chris Munroe ~ @munsimunsi ~ Humor

Bitter Herb by Fernando H. Stevens ~ @FernandoHSteven ~ Fantasy

Andys side of the story by Beckah ~ @skiandboots ~ Crime ~ Serial

Ahab Amor by Annie Evett ~ @AnnieEvett ~ Unspecified

A Game of Chess – Endgame by Angie C. ~ @techtigger ~ Fantasy ~ Serial

A cat in the alley by Enrique Garcia ~ @engarpresence ~ Fantasy

A Brush With Death by Justin Davies ~ @flyingscribbler ~ Humor

‘Lest We Forget’ by Natalie Wood ~ @natalieiwood ~ Slice of Life

‘Jack and the Glory’ by Natalie Wood ~ @natalieiwood ~ Slice of Life ~ Debut

The Nick Of Time (and other abrasions): Route d’abbaye Track Six- I Want You (She’s So Heavy) by Al Bruno III ~ @albruno3 ~ Unspecified ~ Serial


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