The #FridayFlash Report – Vol 3 Number 42

We had 52 stories in the Collector this week with 3 Debuts. Please welcome Shan Jeniah Burton, Stu, and Chris Cruz to the community. The stories this week fall under 15 different genres; the most common this week are Fantasy, Horror, and Slice of Life. What a wonderfully diverse community we have!

While #FridayFlash as a Twitter meme is nearly three years old this site is a more recent development. The first post here on FFDO went up just a year ago on 22 March 2011. We are still growing and still trying to determine how best to serve the community. As we approach our first anniversary, we hope you will take some time to consider what this community means to you. What can we do together to make #FridayFlash even better?

As always, if your story is not in the listing below please go to the Collector and add the details. It will be in next week’s listing. ~Tim

The Stories

A Rare Find by Emma Newman ~ @emapocalyptic ~ Magical Realism ~ Narrated

A Stitch in Time by Tim VanSant ~ @TimVanSant ~ Humor

A Theory Too Far Part 2 by Dan Waters ~ @Maulus ~ Mystery ~ Serial

Alakazam! by Rob Smales ~ @RobSmales ~ Horror ~ Serial

Ascension by Jack Holt ~ @jackkholt ~ Magical Realism

Backgammon: The Movie by Nick Bryan ~ @NickMB ~ Action

Bathysphere by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Science Fiction

Damaged Merchandise by JC Rosen ~ @JCRosen ~ Paranormal

Dark Heart by Clive Martyn ~ @clivem ~ Horror


Distraction by Stu ~ @stukulele ~ Unspecified ~ Debut

Donna Loses Her Wings by Craig Smith ~ @CraigWFSmith ~ Experimental

Dripping by L. E. White ~ @leonard_white ~ Horror

Drowning World Turtle by John Wiswell ~ @Wiswell ~ Fantasy

Exam Room by Chris Cruz ~ @chrisfromarose ~ Cross Genre ~ Debut

Forgive or Forget? by Steve Lakey ~ @shyrewode ~ Unspecified

Hiding Out by T.J. McIntyre ~ @southernwerdo ~ Unspecified

Horror by Chris Munroe ~ @munsimunsi ~ Humor

How Does Your Garden Grow? by Nerine Dorman ~ @nerinedorman ~ Slice of Life

Instant Chums by Rachel Carter ~ @rachcarter ~ Humor

Irish Car Bomb by Luke Wortley ~ @LukeWortley ~ Literary

It Has Sprung by Fernando H. Stevens ~ @FernandoHSteven ~ Slice of Life

Neurosis by Richard Bon ~ @LiminalFiction ~ Slice of Life

Outpost 269 by Chris Morton ~ @chrris9 ~ Science Fiction

Payment by Cindy Vaskova ~ @Raptamei ~ Horror

Repairs by Kari Fay ~ @morganafiolett ~ Unspecified

Sexy Thing by Steve Green ~ Unspecified

Snow in Detroit by Susan Helene Gottfried ~ @WestofMars ~ Slice of Life ~ Serial

Spring by Beverly Fox ~ @Bevimus ~ Experimental

The Bath by Carrie Clevenger ~ @carrieclevenger ~ Thriller

The Broken Record by Lisamarie Lamb ~ @lisamarie20010 ~ Unspecified

The Bus by Sarah Snell-Pym ~ @TheMonsterBlogs ~ Unspecified

The Dead Husbands Club by Lisa McCourt Hollar ~ @jezri1 ~ Horror

The Girl Who Had Everything by Christopher Michael Bell ~ @ChrisBell85 ~ Unspecified

the haunted atheist by Katherine Hajer ~ @eyrea ~ Horror

The Jar by the Door by Icy Sedgwick ~ @icypop ~ Horror

The Last House by Shan Jeniah Burton ~ @ShanJeniah ~ Romance ~ Debut

The Nick Of Time (and other abrasions) Route d’abbaye Track Eight Because by Al Bruno III ~ @albruno3 ~ Fantasy

The Trip: excerpt from a short story by Deanna Schrayer ~ @deannaschrayer ~ Literary

The Usurper by Luke Wortley ~ @LukeWortley ~ Fantasy ~ Serial

The Vagrant (part 21) by Peter Newman ~ @runpetewrite ~ Science Fiction ~ Serial

The Vampire Cabal by Sonya Clark ~ @sonyabclark ~ Humor

The Whales of Eden by Paris Franz ~ @Paris_Franz ~ Slice of Life

The Wizard’s Prophecy, Chapter 24 by JB Starre ~ @JBStarre ~ Fantasy ~ Serial

Time To…. by Helen A. Howell ~ @Helenscribbles ~ Paranormal ~ Narrated

To James by Elisa Nuckle ~ @elisanuckle ~ Fantasy

Understanding Romeo by Nadine Maritz ~ @RogueRSAvamp ~ Unspecified ~ Serial

Vampire by Sylvia van Bruggen ~ @sylviavbruggen ~ Fantasy

Visiting Jim by Kathryn Eastman ~ @katheastman ~ Slice of Life


Warsmith by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Fantasy

What Really Happened to Juliet by Catherine Russell ~ @ganymeder ~ Cross Genre


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