The #FridayFlash Report – Vol 3 Number 51

We had 51 stories in the Collector this week with 2 Debuts. Please welcome Kayla Swanson and Emma to the community. The stories this week fall under 14 different genres, including one each in Historical, Magical Realism, Suspense, Urban Fantasy, and Western. What a wonderfully diverse community we have!

In our effort to better serve the Friday Flash community we have been working behind the scenes to improve the performance of the website and developing new content. I’ll have a report on the technical stuff when we finish ironing out a few issues. Make sure you read Catherine Russell’s post on Podcasting. We have some other members of the community waiting in the wings and will be rolling out those posts in the coming weeks. And don’t forget to check out Estrella Azul’s weekly News Flash. She has contact info at the bottom of every post so you can add your good news to share with the rest of us.

As always, if your story is not in the listing below please go to the Collector and add the details. It will be in next week’s listing. ~Tim

The Stories

Welcome to Potirissi by Kathryn Eastman ~ @katheastman ~ Humor

Weather by Sylvia van Bruggen ~ @sylviavbruggen ~ Fantasy

Vault of Lost Voices by Icy Sedgwick ~ @icypop ~ Fantasy

Touch Wood by Nick Bryan ~ @NickMB ~ Humor

The Wizard’s Prophecy, Chapter 33 by JB Starre ~ @JBStarre ~ Fantasy ~ Serial

The Weather Forecast by Kari Fay ~ @morganafiolett ~ Unspecified

The Present Is a Foreign Country by Natalie Bowers ~ @nembow ~ Magical Realism

The Nick Of Time (and other abrasions) Route d’abbaye Track Fifteen Carry That Weight by Al Bruno III ~ @albruno3 ~ Paranormal ~ Serial

The House by Helen A. Howell ~ @Helenscribbles ~ Paranormal ~ Narrated

The Golden Quest by Jeffrey Hollar ~ @klingorengi ~ Cross Genre

The Cleansing by Leigh Andrews ~ @Leigh_Andrews ~ Slice of Life

The Cat with the Golden Monocle by Craig Smith ~ @CraigWFSmith ~ Humor

Swingin’ To Live by Jeffrey Hollar ~ @klingorengi ~ Horror

Sticks and Stones, Part 2 by Jack Holt ~ @jackkholt ~ Science Fiction ~ Serial

Something is Wrong in the Forest by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Fantasy

Socks by Gail Aldwin ~ @gailaldwin ~ Slice of Life

Roadkill by Larry Kollar ~ @FARfetched58 ~ Unspecified

Princess Leisha by Fayne Riverdale ~ @FayneRiverdale ~ Fantasy

Presidential Address by Daniel Ritter ~ @reginaldgolding ~ Science Fiction

Panic Room by Chris Munroe ~ @munsimunsi ~ Suspense

One Vision by Angie C. ~ @techtigger ~ Fantasy ~ Serial

My Wife and I Argue over our Travel Plans (Hey, I’m not Cheap but…) by Alex Carrick ~ @Alex_Carrick ~ Humor

Merry Dead Soul by W. J. Howard ~ @by_wjhoward ~ Horror

Me, Myself and I by Leonard White ~ @leonard_white ~ Horror

Maybe They’ve Stopped Using Stamps by John Wiswell ~ @Wiswell ~ Humor

Madie: Playing Nurse by Marsha Loftis ~ @marshaloftis ~ Urban Fantasy ~ Serial

Lord HaHa by Tim VanSant ~ @TimVanSant ~ Humor

Listen by John Xero ~ @xeroverse ~ Experimental

Job sorted by Steve Green ~ Unspecified

Jet Pack by John Pender ~ @johnlpender ~ Unspecified

Jail bait by Steve Green ~ Unspecified

Garden Secretary for Chicago’s 732nd District by Aidan Fritz ~ @AidanFritz ~ Science Fiction

Game Over by Denis Doran ~ Mystery

Everyday Fear Of Monsters by Anke Wehner ~ @Anke ~ Unspecified

English Slacker extract – a dream by Chris Morton ~ @chrris9 ~ Experimental

Dust Settles On Us All – Friday Flash by Melissa L. Webb ~ @melissalwebb ~ Horror

Dust Devils’ Lawn by Sonia Lal ~ @soniawrite ~ Fantasy ~ Serial

Dust and Dime Novels by Catherine Russell ~ @ganymeder ~ Western

Do You Remember Me? by Katherine Hajer ~ @eyrea ~ Slice of Life

Divergent Places by Jeffrey Hollar ~ @klingorengi ~ Unspecified

Dandy in the Underworld, Part 2 – Are Friends Electric? by Elizabeth Myrddin ~ @emyrdd ~ Cross Genre ~ Serial

‘City’s Blue Moon Shines On Israel’ by Natalie Wood ~ @natalieiwood ~ Slice of Life

Charm in a Bottle (Adult Content Warning) by Rob Smales ~ @RobSmales ~ Horror

Bush Fire by Brinda Banerjee ~ @modscheherzade ~ Experimental

Boots and Simnel Cake by Annie ~ @AnnieEvett ~ Historical

Bone China by Emma ~ @sciwriby ~ Slice of Life ~ Debut

Beautiful Creature by Tony Noland ~ @TonyNoland ~ Slice of Life

Awake by Jen Brubacher ~ @jen_b ~ Slice of Life

Anecdotes of a Sunday Afternoon by Kayla Swanson ~ @KSINTHOR ~ Humor ~ Debut

All About Me by Rebecca Emin ~ @RebeccaEmin ~ Slice of Life

A Theory Too Far Part 12 by Dan Waters ~ @Maulus ~ Mystery ~ Serial


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