Friday Flash is an Internet meme designed to increase your visibility as a fiction writer. The idea is simple enough. Write a piece of flash fiction, defined as 1000 words or less, post it to your blog, and then on Friday announce it to the world via Twitter or some other social network along with the link to your post. If you use Twitter be sure to include the hashtag, #fridayflash.

Friday Flash Guidelines
Of course you can post anything you want on your own blog, but you’ll probably get more follow up traffic if you do most of these.

  • Write and polish a story of 1000 words or less (don’t sweat it if it’s slightly over).
  • Post the story to your blog on or before Friday (any Friday).
  • Announce your story to the world on Friday using the #fridayflash hashtag on Twitter and/or in you status updates on Facebook. You can also post a link to it on the Friday Flash group page on Facebook. Friday begins at midnight out in the Pacific, and ends at midnight out in the Pacific, so you have a huge time-frame to work with. Earlier posts tend to get more reads.
  • Add your story to the Friday Flash Collector so that it is included in the weekly wrap-up on Friday Flash Dot Org. If you are a first time participant, be sure to check off the Debut checkbox. We have developed into a very supportive community of writers. Many people make a special effort to visit debut stories.
  • Please, no explicit erotica or gratuitous graphic violence. You can post them, but they will drive readers away and will not be included in the weekly wrap.
  • You may post as many stories as you like, or link to previously posted pieces.
  • You don’t have to post every week, we’re a low stress community.

Remember, Friday Flash is intended to showcase your work. Polish your piece before you post it. At a minimum, use spell check.

General tips

When you add your story to the Collector use a link to the story itself, not to your blog’s front page. The lists are archived. Direct links to stories ensure people will find what they are looking for. Many people find it annoying to follow a link and end up on a post they were not expecting. I’ve always found it best not to annoy my readers.

You do not have to be on Twitter or Facebook to participate, but you do need a blog or some other on-line public venue to showcase your work. Even if you don’t use social media adding your story to the Collector will get you listed. Still, you may want to find a friend who will tweet your link for you.

Claim your work. You wrote it. Let the world know it’s yours. Give your story a title and a byline. Use your name (or a good pen name) on the byline. It also doesn’t hurt to add a general copyright notice, either on your blog as a whole, or on each story.

Be aware that if you post a story on your blog it may be considered “previously published” by some publishers and therefore of no interest to them. Yes, you may lose a sale if you publish your story to your blog. However, there are non-monetary benefits to participating in Friday Flash. Consider the experience you will gain by writing a weekly piece of fiction. With experience comes skill and confidence. You will also increase exposure of your blog and fiction, and become a member of a terrific community of writers.

Also keep in mind that just because it was posted on your blog does not mean it is unsaleable. There are many paying markets that accept previously published works. Just be up front with them when you make your pitch. I recommend Doutrope’s Digest to help locate those enlightened publishers.

Welcome to #fridayflash.