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NewsFlash – February 2015


Johanna Harness will make an appearance at the new Nampa Library in Nampa, Idaho. The library’s grand opening is March 14th, and one of their first events is a meet the author reception the following weekend, on March 21st. Johanna is one of the invited authors and will have copies of her award winning middle-grade novel, Spillworthy, available for sale and signing. Other authors in attendance will be Suzanne de Board, Margo Kelly, and Michaelbrent Collings. The event runs from 11am until 2pm. Drop by if you are in the area.

A hand pulling back a red theater curtain.Crooked Cat Publishing has reveled the cover for David W. Robinson’s latest novel, A Theatrical Murder. This will the thirteenth title in his Stanford Third Age Club (STAC) cozy mystery series. The release date is to be announced, but we are assured it will be soon. You can see a much larger and therefore more satisfying image of the cover here.

Mark Kerstetter had an article he wrote about Henry Darger linked to by the Huffington Post. The HP article from January 29th is “Inside The Dark And Twisted Alternate Universe Of Outsider Artist Henry Darger,” by Priscilla Frank. Look for the quote “’Babies,’ he once wrote, ‘were more to me than anything, more than the world.’” in the HP piece for the link to Mark’s article, “The Two Worlds of Henry Darger.” Kudos, Mark!.

Alan Baxter has had not one, but two pieces nominated for the prestigious Ditmar Awards. The Ditmar Awards, Australia’s premier awards for speculative fiction, are similar to the Hugos in that nominations and balloting are fan based. Alan’s novel, “Bound: Alex Caine #1” is nominated in the Best Novel category. His story, “The Darkness in Clara,” originally published in SQ Mag #14, is nominated in the Best Novelette/Novella category. The awards will be announced in April at this years NatCon, held this year in Perth. You can see the full preliminary ballot here. Good luck Alen!


NewsFlash – January 2015


FFDO has changed it’s look for the new year. We hope the page looks a bit more crisp, and is a little easier on the eyes. Let us know what you think. This is also the first in our new schedule of a once monthly News Flash.

Alan Baxter was happy to announce he placed his story, “Served Cold,” in the upcoming anthology from PS Publishing, “Dreaming In the Dark,” edited by Jack Dann. The anthology is scheduled for a late 2015 release date.

Suspended In Dusk CoverThe Anthology, “Suspended In Dusk,” edited by Simon Dewar is now available and features stories by Alan Baxter and Icy Sedgwick. Alan’s story is, “Shadows of the Lonely Dead,” while Icy’s is, “A Woman of Disrepute.” Congrats to the both of you!

Planetfall CoverEmma and Peter Newman had more good news this past month. Emma was pleased to share the cover reveal of her upcoming science fiction novel, “Planetfall.” Having read all of her past novels I know this one is on my short list. You can also take a look at the Publisher’s Weekly announcement of Emma’s deal with Ace/Roc. The PW announcement is so cool.

The Vagrant CoverNot to be outdone, her very talented husband Peter Newman conducted a reading at the BristolCon Fringe on January 19th from his upcoming debut novel from Harper Voyager, “The Vagrant.” It is due out come April, but you can pre-order it now from Amazon. It also has an ace cover.

Cold Lake CathyCathy Olliffe-Webster has branched out creatively and is now selling original artwork, both as acrylic paintings on Etsy, and as prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more on Zazzle. Check out what she has on offer.

Many in the #FridayFlash community express their creativity in forms beyond the written word. If you’d like us to highlight your other creative expressions drop a line to the News Hound. He’ll bark up a storm for you.

I’m sure there is more news that I just didn’t spot, but that’s it for now. You are ever an amazing group. Congratulations, one and all!


NewsFlash – Vol. 6 # 29

NewsFlashSome weeks there is hardly any news, and some weeks there is more news than you can shake a stick at. Best go get a big stick, because there is plenty of news shaking this week. Of course, missing the last two weeks running did sort of help it build up.

As you can tell, I’m having trouble keeping up with the News Flash. So starting in January the News Flash will only run once a month. Catherine Russell will also return in January, so we should have some variety on the site once again.

If you have time sensitive news that really shouldn’t wait for a new month to roll around, shoot me a message or email and I’ll be glad to help spread the word via social media. The News Flash takes hours to put together, and I just can’t do it on a weekly basis any more. All the more reason to give kudos to Estrella and Angie, who did this without complaint or compensation for so long. I really appreciate all the work they did and will never forget it.

Now on to more exciting community news.Cover art, two young witches, one standing, one on a swingTrevor Belshaw has a new release in his series of children’s books. The new title, “Halloween Hattie,” is now available in both paperback and ebook form, available from Amazon..

Cover art, and Amish girl with lightning coming from her handG. P. Ching has just released “Charged,” the latest title in her new Grounded trilogy. The series depicts a distopian future where a simple Amish woman is thrust into the midst of warring factions in their quite literal quest for power. This is the second of the series, and is available in print, or as an ebook in Kindle, iBook, Nook, Android, and Kobo compatible formats. Visit Genevieve’s website for more details.

Kaolin Fire will have a story in the upcoming anthology, “Ruins Evacuation,” edited by Eric T. Reynolds & Rose Reynolds. The anthology is a mix of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mainstream fiction with an overarching Archeology theme. The tentative release date is late 2015 from Hadley Rille Books. Stay tuned.

Cover art, a very stylized C and FCarrie Clevenger’s novel, “Crooked Fang,” was selected as one of the 10 Must Read Self-published Vampire Novels of 2014 by Blue Ink Review.

Dan Powell was interviewed by Jennifer Harvey for Mash Stories. They discuss his award winning story, “Storm in a Teacup”, winner of the 2013 Crave Magazine Esoteric Prize, Dan’s approach to writing, and the nature of magical realism in general. It’s quite a good interview. Go read it.

Alan Baxter has been very busy, as usual. His story, “Thirty Three Tears to a Teaspoon,” is included in Far Voyager, an anthology edited by Nick Gevers.
Alan’s Science Fiction short, “Unexpected Launch,” is now a podcast over on Starship Sofa. Go give it a listen. Unexpected Launch was originally published in “Anywhere But Earth,” from Coeur De Lion Publications.

Cover art for three booksAnd the big news from Alan is the long waited announcement that his Alex Crane trilogy from Voyager is now available worldwide in both print and electronic formats. To celebrate, “Bound,” Book One of the series is available for free download just in time for Christmas. Alan has links to all the various downloadable formats on his site. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, from down under.

Jodi Cleghorn and Adam Byatt have both earned spots in the current issue of the Tincture Journal, Issue #8. Jodi’s story is “First to a Hundred.” Adam’s poem is “Folded Peace.” You can read more at Jodi’s site.

John Wiswell has a short, “Wet,” up on Urban Fantasy Magazine for your reading pleasure.

Cover art, a space shuttle over EarthDavid W. Robinson has revamped his Space Truckers shorts into longer stories and made them available in his new collection, “A Kairfree Christmas – Space Truckers Book 1.” This of course implies there will be more Space Truckers to come. Book 1 is now available as an ebook from Amazon.

Kevin J. Mackey has released “The Goldberg Variations,” a collection of shorts dealing with a mother and daughter, in which each theme told from both women’s perspective. It is available from Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and will be avalable as an iBook and paperback soon.

I’m sure there is more news that I just didn’t spot, but that’s it for now. You are an amazing group. Congratulations, one and all!


NewsFlash – Vol. 6 # 24


This has been quite a week for remembrance, what with Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, Veteran’s Day, as well as the anniversary of  fall of the Berlin Wall. No matter what you call it where you are, please take a few moments to remember all the veterans, both living and dead, who have served their countries with great honor and courage.

Linda Simoni-Wastila has two short pieces up at Camroc Press Review. Both stories, “After He Failed to Wake Up,” and “It’s True What They Say” prove once again an author can pack a tremendous impact in to very few words. Linda is a master at it. You can read both pieces here. Congratulations, Linda.

Adam Byatt has a poem in the forthcoming release of Vine Leaves Literary Journal. The release date is set for December 1st. Congratulations, Adam.

The cover of Grounded, by GP ChingToday, Tuesday November 11th, G.P. Ching releases the Second Edition of her novel, “Grounded.” This is a major revision, taking the novel from a stand alone story and transforming it into Book One of a new Trilogy. Those who have purchased the previous version of “Grounded” can get this exciting new release for free. The second book in the series, “Charged,” is due for release on December 22nd. Grounded is Available from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Google Play.

Anthony Venutolo discusses the HBO hit “The Newsroom” with TV/Entertainment writer Vicki Hyman on The interview is available in full on YouTube. Nice interview, Anthony.

Trevor Belshaw announced that all of his children’s titles, written under the pen name Trevor Forest, are now available for the Kindle in Australia. There are 11 titles in all! Congratulations on the extended distribution, Trevor.

Michael J. Solender has an article in December/January issue of Ocean Homes Magazine. His story, “Generation Next,” discusses the latest trends in home automation systems. Congrats, Michael.

Keep doing amazing things, people. We know you will.


NewsFlash – Vol. 6 # 22


Congratulations to Mark Gardner, who won our Halloween Humor and Horror contest. His story, “Hallowed Evening” will appear here on FFDO this Friday. Please drop by and give it a read. To help celebrate, Mark is paying it forward by offering two of his stories for free on Halloween. So after reading “Hallowed Evening” drop by Amazon and pick up your free copies of “Paradox” and “Escape.” Thanks, Mark!

Icy Sedgwick announced that the “Suspended in Dusk” anthology which includes her story, “Woman of Disrepute” is available for free from Smashwords until Halloween. Use the code DA68M. She says her story is “a fog-soaked slice of Victorian Gothic!” Sounds like fun.

Paul D. Brazill announced that his story, “The Postman Cometh” has been accepted by Spinetingler Magazine. No word yet on the publication date. Spinetingler can be found here. And Paul’s been on a bit of a roll, he also announced that his story “The Long Haul” has been accepted by Spelk Fiction. Again, publication date is to be announced. Spelk Fiction can be found here.  Congratulations, Paul, keep the hits coming!

Cover of Mirror MazeTrevor Belshaw is getting into the spirit of the season by offering the first of his Magic Molly series, “The Mirror Maze,” for free on Amazon. As with his other children’s titles, “The Mirror Maze” is authored under his pen name, Trevor Forest. So if you have a wee one, be sure to pick up a copy here. Thanks, Trevor.

G.P. Ching announced that her YA novel, “The Soulkeepers,” has been translated into German on Amazon Crossing. The Soulkeepers is the first in her very successful series by the same name, and this her first translation. The English version is available for free here.

And while we have not vetted this, the prize money certainly makes it worth checking out. The Museum of Words is having a 100 word flash fiction contest with a $20,000 prize. If you do the math, that’s $200 a word. Not a bad gig. As with all contests, be sure to do your due diligence, but as there is no fee, I really don’t see a down side. Good luck!

Teaser Tuesday: It’s that time of year again. NaNoWriMo starts this Saturday. Join me Thursday when I discuss NaNo trolls.

Keep the good news coming.


NewsFlash – Vol. 6 # 21


Janet Lingel Aldrich had her flash piece, “Mobius,” published on “Yellow Mama.” Don’t be put off by the Yellow Mama “adult content” warning. Janet assures us that “Mobius” is not an “adult” work and will not offend. I’ve read it. She’s right. Congratulations, Janet.

Alison Wells will be teaching a series of classes this autumn. All courses this will take place in St. Peter’s Centre, (adjacent to the Coach Inn), Dublin Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow. Yes, that means these are not virtual courses. If you are in the area you can sign up via her Head Above Water website. The courses range from 35 to 45 euros. Her signature classes are “Creative Practice in Busy Lives” and “Short Story Essentials.” See her website for details. Good luck with the classes, Alison.

Cover for The Magpye CircusLong time #FridayFlash contributor Chris Lynch has made his novel, “The Magpye Circus,” available for free on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other venues. It is currently bumping around in the Top 20 “Occult Horror” novels on, and is slowly creeping up the charts at iBooks, and Barnes & Noble. This is not a promotional event, it is free forever. Chris is trying to increase his readership, so if you read and enjoy it please pass the word. Check out his website for more details. Much success to you, Chris.

John Wiswell announced he made a professional rate sale of his short story, “Wet,” to Urban Fantasy Magazine. Surprisingly, this is his first pro-rate sale, but surely not his last. Congratulations, John, and continued success in the future!

Judging is complete for the Halloween Humor and Horror flash fiction contest. The winner will be notified shortly so arrangements can be made for deliver of the prize money. The winning story will be featured here on FFDO next Friday, which is of course, Halloween. Now didn’t that work out nicely. :)

Keep up the good works folks. We’re chuffed for all of you.





NewsFlash – Vol. 6 # 20


Dan Powell announced that he has completed his MFA after three years of work. Congratulations, Dan! We know you’ve put in a lot of time and diligent effort  and hope you can now take a bit of time to revel in your achievement.

Donna Carrick, of Carrick Publishing, has reveled the full contents list of their new crime anthology, “World Enough and Crime.” Both Donna and Alex Carrick have stories included as well as our own Angie Capozello. The story titles are “Doctor Shediac,” “The Piece of Mind Thief,” and “Ghost Protocol,” respectively. You can join in the launch party on Facebook Oct. 26 at the Excerpt Flight Deck event, from 2 – 6 pm EST. Congratulations Donna, Alex, Angie, and all the other authors included in the anthology.

Cover of No Need to ReplyJodi Cleghorn will releases her debut flash fiction collectionNo Need to Reply” today, Thursday 16th October. The collection looks at the struggles to find your voice and be heard. It will be available as a pay-what-you-want eBook and a limited edition, numbered and signed chapbook. The collection is the first part of a rolling collaborative project. Check it out on Goodreads. We are particularly happy for Jodi in that she is the head of eMergent Publishing, the publisher of The Best of Friday Flash – Volume 2. Congratulations, Jodi!

Cover of Champion StandingMark Gardner announced the pending release of his debut historical fantasy novel, Champion Standing. You can read his announcement on his blog, Article 94. You can preorder the ebook version now from Amazon. The paperback will become available come January, 2015. Congratulations, Mark!

If you have news you’d like to share with the #FridayFlash community be sure to visit the NewsHound and give us the details. We’d love to help you spread the word.

As always, you keep on impressing us. You all are amazing.




NewsFlash – Vol. 6 # 19


When it rains, it pours. This week we have more news than you can shake a stick at. Enough cliches yet? Well, let’s get cracking.

Emma Newman will be a Guest of Honor at this year’s BristolCon, one of the biggest SF&F conventions in the UK. Emma is a long time member of the #FridayFlash community and author of the excellent Split Worlds Series and co-host of the “Tea and Jeopardy” podcast, along with her husband, Peter. Other Guests of Honor are fellow author Jon Courtenay Grimwood, and artist Julian Quaye. The con will be held in the DoubleTree Hotel in Bristol on October 25th. Memberships are £25. Peter Newman will also be a guest and panelist. He has posted his schedule here. Oh that I were in Bristol.

On September 29th Alan Baxter appeared on Channel 31’s “Behind the Words” television show. Channel 31 is a local community television station in Melbourne. The show features interviews and sound bites with writers and publishers attending the Continuum Convention earlier this year. Through the magic of the Internet you can see the show in it’s entirety here. The entire episode, which runs 24 minutes, is worth watching, but if you want to cut to the chase Alan’s bit starts at the seven minute mark. You know you’ve always wanted to see Alan in person, well this is the next best thing.

An article by Kyle Chayka on the Penguin-RandomHouse blog, Hazlitt, discussed the #AmWriting hashtag and resultant community created by Johanna Harness. While the article was less than flattering, if not downright mean spirited in nature, as Johanna says, there is no such thing as bad publicity. You can read the entire article here.

Editorial note: People pour their heats and souls into the books, stories, and articles the write. To belittle anyone for that effort is small-minded at best.

G. P. Ching was a panelist on the “Publishing In the Digital Age” panel at Archon38 in (actually near) St. Louis this past weekend. I was lucky enough to attend that session and have a summary chock full of good advice for writers up on my blog, Mad Utopia. It was a pure pleasure to finally get to meet Genevieve in person. By the way, if any of you are ever attending Archon please let me know. I’d love to meet you too.

April Brown announced the release of six, count ’em – six, books last week. April has been very busy indeed. The titles include four cookbooks and two novels. They are:

Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Desserts and Grains (in print only)
Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Meats
(print only)
Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Vegetables
(print only)
Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Cookbook (print and digital)
Trails 1: Trails Through the Fault Lines, (print and digital) and
Crosswinds: Past, Present and Future Combine (print and digital)

All six of the books are available from Amazon and Smashwords.

This is the last week you can enter the Halloween Humor and Horror Contest. All entries must be in by midnight, Saturday October 11th. The winner will be announced on Halloween. Good luck, everyone. May the best man, or woman, or android win.

Catherine Russell continues with her series on the darker side of fairy tales with a feature on Snow White. Be sure to drop by tomorrow (Friday) to give it a read.

Continue to amaze me, folks. You are wonderful.


NewsFlash – Vol. 6 # 15/16


David W. Robinson has an online launch party set to kick off on Saturday, September 27th for his newest release “A Killing In the Family,” published by Crooked Cat Publishing. You can join in the Facebook fun here. Congratulations on the new release, David.

Adam Byatt has a featured post at The Good Men Project website, titled “Why I Write.” Drop in and say “hey,” and share your thoughts with him.

Natalie Bowers’ blog, Story Scavenger, has a nice review of Dan Powell’s short fiction collection “Looking Out Of Broken Windows.” He says it’s “The sort of review all authors hope for.” The post also includes a link to another of his works, “Song of the Graffiti Head,” previously published on the UK flash fiction site, 1000 Words. Go read the nice things she says about Dan, and leave a few nice things for him yourself.

Thanks to some help from my friends, Susan Chambless on coding and Angie Capozello on graphics, the The Halloween Humor and Horror submission form is now live at Submittable. You may now officially enter your story for the #HHH contest. Just click on the sidebar button to be magically whisked away to it. When there, please read the submission guidelines as a few of them may have changed or have been clarified. Compliments on Angie’s graphic, which comes in two sizes for your blogging convenience. Isn’t it adorable? Feel free to add it to your posts, or as a badge on your blog. Thanks, Angie and Susan!

Cartoon FrankenstienCartoon Frankenstein.

Keep doing great things, folks.


NewsFlash – Vol. 6 # 14


Over the Edge, Galway City’s literary events organization, announced the long list for their New Writer of the Year – 2014 literary award. We are pleased to say that Allison Wells has made the list. Congratulations, Allison! Well deserved, and best of luck going forward.

India Drummond announced the forthcoming release of her new novel, co-authored by KC May, Lies Dragons Tell – Book One of their new Dragons of Kudare series. Like their Facebook page to be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a Kindle Fire. The closing date for the contest is September 15th at 11:59pm PST. Congratulations to India and KC on their new release!

Shannon Esposito announced that she has signed a two-book deal with Severn House Publishing for a new pet mystery series, and has already started on the first one. Congratulations, Shannon, we are all very happy for you!

Congratulations, all!